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Cinemax is an American premium cable and satellite television network owned by Home Box Office, Inc., a subsidiary of WarnerMedia Entertainment. Programming featured on Cinemax primarily consists of recent and older theatrically released motion pictures, and original action series, as well as documentaries and special behind-the-scenes featurettes.Based at the HBO offices inside WarnerMedia's corporate headquarters at 30 Hudson Yards in Manhattan's West Side district, Cinemax operates eight 24-hour, linear multiplex channels; a traditional subscription video on demand service; and a TV Everywhere streaming platform for Cinemax's linear television subscribers (Max Go). Cinemax is also sold independently of traditional and over-the-top multichannel video programming distributors a la carte through Apple TV Channels and Amazon Video Channels, which feature VOD library content and live feeds of Cinemax's linear television services (consisting of the primary channel’s East and West Coast feeds and, for Amazon Video customers, the East Coast feeds of its seven multiplex channels).

Victoria shared her experience, "Low of the lowest! For me, I want to SEE WHAT I'M GETTING. I agreed to a trial membership of Cinemax which allowed me to view a few dreads, low rated films. If you click on a film you like, (adding it to 'Your Stuff' will DEFINITELY SPIKE THE DATE UP) you will see the date it is available to view. The next day, when you go to view the film, the date available for viewing will go up, until your trial membership is over! YES, REALLY! I HAVE IT DOCUMENTED WITH PHOTO COPIES. NO WAY DO I WANT TO SEE A FILM THAT BAD! CORRUPTION AT IT'S WORST! WHY NOT JUST BE STRAIGHT UP CINEMAX?"


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Current Employee - Assistant Manager says

"I have been working at Cinemax India full-time for less than a year Cons: Conservative Cultured Company, Limited growth in this industry."

cafe care (Current Employee) says

"we have to seat in box office and deliver the tickets to the customer and we have to deliver foods to theater Cons: 8hrs"

Cashier/Sales Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Customer service its very important and smile with customers so that they could feel welcome!!..working there i have experience so many things e.g how to work with many people how to work in.a fast pace and also hygiene its very important when working with customers,also being productive and working on cashfloat."

multifunction (Former Employee) says

"premières relations avec les collègues Cons: Temp partiel"

Usher (Former Employee) says

"It’s all right not the best.I didn’t enjoy the job. People are rude at the movie theater. It was a lot of work with no recognition. The managers did not care about their job."

Barry Taylor says

"Directv is a classical dysfunctional company to deal with! It's amazing they're in business!!!!!!!!!!!"

Howie Wigdor says

"this company is horrible!!!!!!!!!!switch to a different service.since at and t took over they could care less about their customers!!"

Seth Rountree says

"The worst experience trying to get anyone on the phone from At&T/Directv. I was on hold for 1 hr and 45 mins yesterday and 45 mins today until someone finally picked up. After someone did pick up they speak very little English. The experience was awful!!"

Michael Rath says

"Record your conversations with Direct-TV. I have! Habitually, every month there are over-charges. Customer Service is extremely poor. They do not keep notes on conversations or transactions. A Class-Action Lawsuit needs to be filed. No telling how many customers have been cheated."

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